The non-profit Duckietown Foundation is looking for donations from sponsors.

The donations can be made to one of two funds:

  • Duckietown Development Fund. The goal of this fund is to support the development of the Duckietown platform (software, hardware, documentation) and support tools (website, forums, etc.).
  • Duckietown Dissemination Fund. The goal of this fund is to directly assist schools that cannot afford the platform using donation or subsidies; moreover, to finance direct tech support and assistance for schools that do not have yet the competences to run autonomy learning experiences.

Development Fund

The Duckietown Development Fund will cover these costs:

  • Full-time or part-time engineering work to polish the platform;
  • Website development;
  • Documentation production and translations;
  • Graphics and video production support;
  • Marketing initiatives;
  • Administrative costs (accounting, legal).

Dissemination Fund

The Duckietown Dissemination Fund allows to sponsor or subsidize Duckietown classes. 

Sponsors contribute to the Dissemination Fund; then the Duckietown Foundation handles a needs-based application process to assign the funds.

This program will start in January 2019. Applicants for financial help will be able to apply in September 2018.

We will offer the following packages:

Basic equipment package for a class of 25:

  • 10 Duckiebots;
  • 1 medium-sized Duckietown and accessories.

Full support package for a class of 25:

  • 10 Duckiebots;
  • 1 medium-sized Duckietown and accessories;
  • Teacher and TA training (pre class);
  • Tech support for 25 students (during class).

Sponsoring Duckietown

If you are interested in sponsoring Duckietown, please contact Liam Paull <[email protected]>.