Three girls watching Duckiebot - Science museum

Duckietown to join the UK Permanent Science Museum Collection!

Boston, October 2023: several Duckietown objects officially joined the Science Museum Group permanent Collection: the United Kingdom’s national archive of science, technology, engineering, and medicine! 

Duckietown joins UK's Science Museum Group Collection

Duckietown is a trailblazer in providing accessible solutions for teaching and learning state-of-the-art autonomy, helping in the dissemination of the science and technology of modern robotics.

In 2019, the Science Museum of London picked up on the project and included Duckietown items: a Duckiebot (DB19), a segment of Duckietown, and a Duckietown traffic light, in their “Driverless: Who is in control?” exhibition.

Following the success of this exhibition, the Board of Directors of the Science Museum started considering including the DUckietown items in the permanent collection of their institution. 

We are proud to announce that, in August 2023, these Duckietown items have officially joined the Science Museum Group Collection – the UK’s national collection of science, technology, engineering and medicine.

Duckietown in the history books

Joining the permanent collection will:

 “ensure that the items – as rare and representative objects – are acquired, conserved, preserved and stored in order that they may be accessible to current and future generations for interpretation, loans to other institutions, research, education, and sometimes display in temporary or permanent exhibitions.

here are some details:



Duckiebot – small autonomous robot from Duckietown Project, 2018-2019



Traffic light kit from Duckietown Project, 2018-2019



City expansion pack from Duckietown Project, 2018-2019