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Learn robot autonomy with Duckietown

Want to learn autonomy.. in autonomy? You might be a Makademic! Makademics are a fusion of “makers” and “academics” who want to learn and build on their own, outside of an educational institution, and also want a deep understanding of why and how things are working (yes, we just made this up).


Students discussing holding Duckiebots (DB17)
This 2018 Duckietown student became a Professor at MIT, in Boston, in 2023
This 2019 Duckietown student is now a senior research engineer at Motional, a self-driving car company, in Boston in 2021

You can learn about robotics and AI by using all of the course materials we have to offer, at your own pace.

We created an online course to get your learning adventure in Duckietown started. 

Gain access to a unique hands-on learning experience, and an international community to bounce off ideas with.

We recommend you consider getting a Duckietown, Duckiebot, and/or Duckiedrone for an even more effective learning experience. 

All Duckietown hardware is designed to work with the ecosystem resources (code, activities, exercises, simulation, etc.) out of the box, allowing you to focus on learning about modern robotics challenges right away.

This 2017 Duckietown student became a Professor at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, in 2020

Makademic first steps

  1. Join the Duckietown Slack and gain immediate access to the Duckietown community.

  2. Enroll in the massive open online course (MOOC) “Self-Driving Cars with Duckietown” on edX (learn more) – it is free. You will find instructions to start setting up your working environment within.

  3. Consider getting a Duckiebot MOOC starter kit to learn using real hardware.

If you already have a Duckiebot, Duckiedrone, and/or Duckietown and are looking for instructions to start building and setting up your working environment: