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Anatidaephilia: centralized city-based SLAM (cSLAM)

Anatidaephilia: centralized city-based SLAM (cSLAM)

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cSLAM Project Description

Project cSLAM – Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is a successful approach for robots to estimate their position and orientation in the world they operate in, while at the same time creating a representation of their surroundings. 

This project, centralized SLAM (or cSLAM), enables a Duckiebot to localize itself, while the watchtowers and Duckiebots work together to build a map of the city. The task is achieved by using the camera of the Duckiebot, together with watchtowers located along the path, to detect AprilTags attached to the tiles, the traffic signs, and the Duckiebot itself.

P. S. Anatidaephilia, is Latin for loving, and being addicted to, the idea that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

Project Highlights

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cSLAM Project Results

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This work developed into a paper, check the article here.


Project Authors

Rohit Suri is a former Duckietown student, now a Roboticist at Venti Technologies in Singapore. 

Aleksandar Petrov

Aleksandar Petrov is a former Duckietown student, now a Ph. D. student at the University of Oxford.

Amaury Camus

Amaury Camus is a former Duckietown student, now a Lead Robotics engineer at Hydromea SA in Switzerland. 

Francesco Milano

Francesco Milano is a former Duckietown student, now a Ph. D. student at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. 

Benson Kuan

Benson Kuan is a former Duckietown student, now a Senior Robotics Research Engineer at DSO National Laboratories in Singapore.

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